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Purchase the best commercially available aerial photography that provides a higher level of detail than satellite images, almost complete absence of clouds, and is very cost effective in many cases. Aerial maps from L3Harris Geospatial are regularly updated, with access to historical imagery as well, making it perfect for individuals, small businesses, farms, construction, real estate, and more. The resolution and accuracy from aerial imagery make it a great asset to any project requiring natural color or even IR imagery.

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We provide access to a wide range of DEMs that cover of every area on the Earth. Both DSMs and DTMs are available at a variety of resolutions. A DSM includes features such as vegetation and man-made structures, while a DTM will have the surface features removed so it represents bare earth. For areas of the world with insufficient levels of resolution, we have the capability and expertise to create custom elevation data applications. We are also partnered with public and private vendors who are creating new datasets worldwide.


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L3Harris Geospatial is proud to be a distributor of the Hexagon Imagery Program (HxIP) data. HxIP is a high-quality, accurate and professional imagery dataset. The imagery within the program is 4-band (RGBN) ortho with 30cm (1 foot) resolution for the Wide Area Coverage and within the United States, 15cm (6 inch) for the Urban Area Coverage (defined as >50,000 population). The program also encompasses set specification and accuracy standards, metadata and a planned refresh schedule. All data within this dataset will be captured using the latest in Hexagon sensor technologies.

See the difference in quality between 6” (left) and 1’ imagery (right). Hexagon imagery from 2016 in LA County, CA.



Resolution: 15-30 cm
Band: Natural color, 4-band
Projection: UTM, Lat/Long, State Plane
Datum: NAD 27, 83, WGS 84
Dates: 2014 - present

Coverage Map


Hexagon 30cm - 14.1 MB

Hexagon 15 cm - 21.5 MB