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  • Mutli-resolution DEM coverage
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  • The world’s most complex visual
    simulation databases that serve today’s
    most demanding applications.


Founded in 1951, we have a long legacy of quality precision topographic survey services for the oil and gas, mining, mapping, and civil engineering market sectors. Our highly-skilled staff of photogrammetrists, programmers, and imagery scientists continue to be on the cutting-edge with new mapping and related technologies and are standing by to provide high-accuracy geospatial solutions for your next project. To make it easier for our customers to search and purchase geospatial data online, we also offer an e-commerce platform – DataFinder – that provides the largest selection of geospatial products worldwide including satellite and aerial imagery, digital elevation model (DEM) data, vector and lidar data, topographic maps, thematic GIS datasets, and energy data.

“I have purchased imagery from Harris multiple times and am always pleased with the selection, first class customer service and quick delivery of the product!"

- Brian - Irrigation Technologies, USA

Satellite Imagery

Harris Geospatial has partnered with the leading satellite imagery providers including Airbus, DigitalGlobe, and Planet to offer data and information for any location in the world

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Aerial Imagery

Our Aerial Image Library covers all of the United States and most of Europe as well as many international locations. Harris Geospatial is a distributor of the Hexagon Imagery Program (HxIP) data, and is also a reseller of aerial imagery from DigitalGlobe, Eagle, and Landiscor.

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Elevation Data

Harris Geospatial offers a wide variety of in-house elevation dataset resources and has partnered with other leading providers such as Airbus and Intermap to provide multi-resolution DEM coverage for the entire globe.

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Mapping Services

Our highly-skilled photogrammetrists provide provides professional spatial mapping services that range from image orthorectification to more sophisticated feather blending to increase the quality and rendering of geographic terrain.

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Geiger-mode LiDAR

Geiger-mode LiDAR provides point clouds on a larger scale and at a higher point density than has been possible to map up until now. This breakthrough technology allows for geographic data to be processed in a way that can be used for multiple applications and on a variety of projects.

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Visual Simulation

Harris’ TrueTerrain™ products are a suite of highly accurate digital datasets used to create the world’s most complex visual simulation databases that serve today’s most demanding systems and applications.

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Additional Mapping Data

A large variety of digital vector maps are available that include vector line, polygon, and point data sets for all areas of the world. These include U.S. Land Use / Land Clutter data, DeLorme Street Data, the U.S. Census Bureau TIGER data, USGS quad-derived line work, major world linear and point features, as well as access to detailed international city mapping information.

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