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What's New in ENVI SARscape 5.6

The new ENVI SARscape 5.6 release is packed with a variety of exciting new features and improvements.

Watch this recorded webinar to learn more about new key features, additional data format support, and general improvements that include:

  • Data Import: COSMO-SkyMed Second Generation, Capella Space, RADARSAT Constellation Mission - C-Band, SICD Polar Format Algorithm, Sentinel-2 Download and Sentinel MultiDownload
  • Drag and drop User Interface
  • Feature Extraction: Ship Statistics
  • Intensity Processing: Geocoding Layover and Shadow Mask
  • Non-Local Phase Filtering
  • Interferometric Stacking: Continuous Tomography
  • Polarimetry: Dual Polarimetric Entropy Alpha Anisotropy Decomposition
  • DEM Extraction: GMTED-2010 and TDM 90 (World DEM TanDEM-X)
  • Data Export: EnviSeries to NetCDF Conversion
  • Processing in the background: SARscape ENVI Server support

Download presentation slides here.