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Remote Sensing Solutions for Emergency Response

After a disaster, every second counts. Immediate, effective response is paramount to reducing injuries and saving lives, preventing property loss and mitigating further damage. Top priorities for disaster response organizations include: rapid assessment of damage extent, minimizing time lag to first responder deployment to hardest-hit areas and tasking of resources in recovery efforts based on damage location and severity. Following both anthropogenic and natural disasters; Satellite, Aerial, and UAV imagery provide a timely and critical resource to better understand the situation on the ground.

This webinar demonstrates how governmental and relief organizations use advanced image analytics to extract up-to-date information leading to safer and more informed decisions by leveraging:

  • Advanced image analytics to rapidly locate and quantify levels of damage, identify hazards, evaluate access to infrastructure, detect changes and anomalies, discover specific conditions on the ground and much more
  • Latest developments in easy-to use Deep Learning technology to rapidly and accurately detect and assess damage
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and its key role in up-to-date disaster management by imaging continuously through darkness, cloud, fog, smoke or dust

To download a PDF of the presentation slides, click here.