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Introducing the ENVI Deep Learning Module

“Machine learning” is a hot topic right now. And, while many people would like to use machine learning to help solve geospatial problems, they can’t. That is because just about all machine learning technologies requires programming, aren’t designed for geospatial imagery, require many “labels” to build classifiers, and don’t come with support when issues arise. To combat these and other issues, Harris Geospatial has developed the ENVI Deep Learning module.

The ENVI Deep Learning module is commercial off-the-shelf software specifically designed to work with remotely sensed imagery to solve geospatial problems. The ENVI Deep Learning module removes the barriers to performing deep learning with geospatial data and is currently being used to solve problems in agriculture, utilities, transportation, defense, disaster response, and other industries.

Watch this recorded webinar to:

  • Learn the differences and benefits of deep learning vs. machine learning
  • Understand appropriate applications for deep learning
  • See the ENVI Deep Learning module in action
  • Understand the benefits of the ENVI Deep Learning module over other machine learning technologies