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Open Source Technologies for ENVI and IDL

Watch this recorded webinar to explore novel ways to use ENVI + IDL with open source technologies. This webinar connects you with a community of developers to create ENVI + IDL-based applications that use open source code and can provide additional testing, documentation, and package management components. In addition, we will discuss several of our highlighted packages from our GitHub site such as our free UAV toolkit and helper tools for processing imagery. These tools include both ENVI models and IDL/ENVI code that can enhance the development of your automated workflows and provide accelerated access to new algorithms.

In this webinar:

  • ENVI and IDL users will learn how to access content that others have created by adding a few simple lines of IDL code or taking advantage of any ENVI Tasks within the ENVI Modeler.

Watch this recorded webinar and join a growing community of IDL developers working together to make software development easier.


To download the presentation slide deck click here.

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