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What's New in ENVI 5.5 SP1, ENVI SARscape 5.5, and IDL 8.7.1

ENVI 5.5 SP1, ENVI SARscape 5.5, and IDL 8.7.1. are packed with a variety of new features and analysis tools you won’t want to miss out on.

Watch this recorded webinar and learn about some of these key features including:

  • 8 New ENVITasks for custom analytics workflows
  • New SARTasks, like ENVITasks, which enable end-to-end analytic workflows that run on desktop, enterprise networks or the cloud
  • A new Machine Learning framework in IDL
  • The IDL Package Manager (IPM) makes it easy for developers to share IDL code in open ecosystems
  • New and updated data formats in this release include MIE4NITF, AlSat-1B, PlanetScope reflectance imagery, Sentinel-2 metadata updates, FORMOSAT-5
  • Several new powerful visualization tools in ENVI including topographic shading, OpenStreetMap basemaps with vector overlays, and contour lines in the ENVI5 display
  • Updates to ENVI Modeler that improve usability and continued investment in ENVI/ArcGIS integration

For more information on product updates, visit: https://www.harrisgeospatial.com/Support/Maintenance