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Learn How ENVI Opticalscape Will Take Your Digital Surface Models to the Next Level

If you need to generate the highest quality 3D images possible, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to see ENVI Opticalscape in action! ENVI Opticalscape gives you the ability to generate high-quality Digital Surface Models (DSMs) and orthorectified images from either UAV data and/or satellite stereo imagery.

Watch this recorded webinar to get an overview of both ENVI Opticalscape modules: Spaceborne and UAV Modules, including key functionalities and achievable product quality. Both modules also give you access to the industry's leading tools for imagery preparation and data fusion such as image enhancement, visualization to cartographic and geodetic transforms.

This webinar also demonstrates a capability unique to ENVI Opticalscape – its ability to fuse Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data generated from SAR and optical sensors. This fusion significantly enhances the quality and the level of detail of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) products.