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Quickly Assess Your UAV Data Quality In The Field

One question a UAV pilot will inevitably ask in the field is “did I collect all of the necessary data for the project?” With this in mind, PrecisionPass was developed to quickly assess UAV imagery and answer this question in the field, rather than having to wait until you’re back at the office.

Immediate feedback on your collection reduces the risk of failures during the analysis stage, all but eliminating the need to re-fly a mission, so customer needs are met in a timely and cost-efficient manner. You can think of PrecisionPass as an incredibly easy-to-use and understand insurance policy.

Watch this recorded webinar and see how PrecisionPass can:

  • Automatically check the saturation, contrast, EXIF tags and/or associated metadata file, and gaps between scan lines (for push broom)
  • Ensure that data collected has proper overlap, coverage, and GSD for stitching and analysis purposes
  • Provide a “texture map,” which gives you a rough draft of what the final orthomosaic will look like
  • Help pilots improve their capture techniques over time Less


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