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Topographic Mapping Anywhere

High-resolution, mapping-grade, optical imaging satellites have been operating and orbiting the earth since 1999 after the launch of Ikonos. In 2008, when WorldView-1 became operational, the game changed further, with the ability to acquire stereo images more frequently and with more spatial detail. Ten years and more than 10 sensors later, we now have the option to task these mapping-grade optical image satellite platforms from nearly anywhere in the world, making it tempting to dive right into the data and take a stab at mapping.

But hold on……you should know what you don’t know.

Learn from our 60+ years of experience in just 30 minutes of time. We encourage you to watch this recorded webinar to find out why experience counts when producing high-resolution, high-accuracy Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) and topographic contour data.

During this presentation you’ll learn about:

  • The recent history of the topographic mapping sciences
  • The realities of what is involved in conducting a satellite mapping project
  • The resulting product deliverables and achievable accuracies when you partner with us


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