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Effectively Using Imagery for Precision Agriculture

Tight profit margins are nothing new to growers. With a large portion of budgets tied up in fixed costs, satellite, fixed-wing, and UAV imagery are being looked to as a way to loosen the margin squeeze. However, in order to realize the potential that imagery offers, advanced analysis tools like ENVI need to be used to extract actionable information. The good news is that ENVI Crop Science now puts the information available from these scientifically proven approaches into the hands of anyone, regardless of their prior experience with remote sensing.

Watch this recorded webinar to learn how ENVI Crop Science can:

  • Ingest any type of data, from any sensor
  • Monitor crop health down to the individual plant level
  • Detect plant stress and target specific field locations for remediation
  • Monitor crop growth for harvest and yield predictions

To download the presentation slide deck click here.

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