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Custom LiDAR Analysis: Using the ENVI LiDAR API for IDL (Recorded)

In this webinar, we'll take a look at the ENVI LiDAR user interface to become familiar with out-of-the box functionality. We will also review custom extensions for ENVI LiDAR, developed in IDL.  A big advantage of ENVI LiDAR is its extensibility with IDL, opening a world of potential for custom LiDAR analytics. We will cover the following topics:

  • Build an ENVI LiDAR project, prompting a user for LiDAR input files in either .las or .laz formats
  • Automatically process the LiDAR input data to generate a DEM, DSM, 3D buildings, trees, and power lines
  • Process the data to classify the point cloud
  • Review a sample extension to annotate the highest point in a point cloud
  • Review a custom extension that can be implemented to extract building footprints from low resolution LiDAR data
  • Run an IDL extension in batch mode to associate NDVI values from a multispectral image to point-cloud LiDAR data