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A Technical Dive into Creating Accurate Digital Terrain Models


Creating accurate digital terrain models (DTMs) is essential for modeling areas of drainage or potential flooding, studying land use, or orthorectifying satellite images. Location accuracy and quality of DTM data are crucial, as these metrics have direct impacts on the analyses that use those... Read More >

Learn How ENVI Opticalscape Will Take Your Digital Surface Models to the Next Level


If you need to generate the highest quality 3D images possible, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to see ENVI Opticalscape in action! ENVI Opticalscape gives you the ability to generate high-quality Digital Surface Models (DSMs) and orthorectified images from either UAV data and/or... Read More >

Use Multispectral Imaging to Boost Crop Health: From Data Collection to Analysis


The secret is out! Through the use of multispectral imagery, it is now possible to tailor crop management practices to maximize yield and increase profit. However, capturing, processing, and analyzing complex datasets to extract meaningful information can be a daunting task. Harris Geospatial... Read More >

Quickly Assess Your UAV Data Quality In The Field


One question a UAV pilot will inevitably ask in the field is “did I collect all of the necessary data for the project?” With this in mind, PrecisionPass was developed to quickly assess UAV imagery and answer this question in the field, rather than having to wait until you’re... Read More >

Extract Actionable Information with Advanced ENVI Image Analytics on GBDX


ENVI analytics are available directly within DigitalGlobe’s GBDX platform. This means the possibilities for extracting actionable information from imagery - at scale - are limitless. Watch this recorded webinar to learn which ENVI analytics are deployed on GBDX and how you can apply them... Read More >

Using UAV Imagery and Deep Learning for Wind Turbine Inspection


In this webinar, we discuss: how to account for camera projection when shooting straight ahead rather than straight down; how deep learning technology can be applied to UAV imagery to automatically identify and locate abnormalities on wind turbine blades; and, how cutting-edge software tools can... Read More >