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Geospatial Distancing LIVE

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The Applications and Benefits of...

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Custom LiDAR Analysis: Using the...

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Quality is Everything. Ensure...

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Advancing Remote Sensing Education with the L3Harris Academic Program


L3Harris Geospatial has a long history of working with top academic geospatial programs around the world to provide cutting edge remote sensing technology and training for future generations. The rapid advances in remote sensing science over the past decade has made quality remote sensing... Read More >

Showing Your Hyperspectral Data Who’s the Boss


Megan Gallagher, Sales Engineer at L3Harris Geospatial, shows you how you can take your hyperspectral game to the next level with ENVI. Learn all about the traditional problems people solve with hyperspectral data and how you can do this with ENVI. This webinar also focuses on automation and how... Read More >

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Hyperspectral Data


This is a recording from the first breakout session webinar that followed the primary Spectral Sessions event. In this session, learn all about the basics of hyperspectral data. Austin Coates, Sales Engineer Manager for L3Harris Geospatial, explains what it is, how it is collected, how to get... Read More >

Remote Sensing Solutions for Emergency Response


After a disaster, every second counts. Immediate, effective response is paramount to reducing injuries and saving lives, preventing property loss and mitigating further damage. Top priorities for disaster response organizations include: rapid assessment of damage extent, minimizing time lag to... Read More >

Create Accurate Image Classification Products to Aid Disaster Response Efforts


After a disaster, it is incredibly important to quickly generate accurate, actionable maps to aid response and rebuilding efforts. The more officials know about impacted areas, the more effective their response. Because UAVs can be quickly deployed, responders frequently use them to collect... Read More >

Utilities, Drones and Imagery: How Utilities Use Imagery to Gain Insights


This webinar discusses how utilities are using drones and imagery to gain insights and improve Transmission and Distribution (T&D) and Vegetation Management (VM) operations.

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