Stand Out Amongst Your Peers

Talk About Your Innovative Analytical Work

The SAR Analytics Symposium will bring together leading SAR service providers and applied SAR analytics consumers from across various industries - and we want you to be a part of the conversation!

Why Speak at the SAR Analytics Symposium?

  • Meet new prospects who have business problems and discover new use cases that could be monetized
  • Meet other SAR service providers and exchange best practices
  • Strengthen your organization’s reputation as a leader in analytics
  • Interact with the people who make, support, and sell ENVI SARscape
  • Have your registration fees waived (a savings of € 495!)


Symposium Theme

The free and open access to synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data from the European Space Agency`s Sentinel-1 satellite since 2014, together with the launches of an increasing number of SAR systems aboard small satellites over the past year underscores the enormous role this remote sensing technology will play in the future of Earth Observation. For established SAR users, as well as organizations from across industries already benefiting from remotely sensed optical data just starting to consider adding SAR derived information to their GIS, these launches serve notice that a deluge of complex new data will soon arrive, presenting many commercial and operational benefits.

As a community of users, analysts, and solution providers, we must continue to find innovative ways to collect, process, and analyze SAR data, but even more importantly to create solutions that deliver real value. The SAR analytics symposium provides the leading thought leadership venue for participants to connect with decisionmakers from across the community, explore new trends and ideas, and transform this fast-growing and dynamic technology ecosystem.

  • The present and Future of spaceborne SAR
  • Near real time SAR applications
  • Leveraging SAR derived information for Environment and Sustainability
  • Detecting change over time with extreme levels of accuracy
  • Understanding infrastructure and land displacements
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning to enhance SAR data
  • Large-scale applications using SAR


Presentation Information:

Submission deadline is June 30, 2022. In general, each speaker will have around 20 minutes to present, which should include time for 1-2 questions from the audience.

Your session should avoid diving into specific SAR processing technical details, the attendees will not have your SAR/analytics background or expertise, however they will be senior figures from organizations already using remote sensing techniques to solve problems in thier industry and may be already working closely with their GIS department . Make sure to start your session at a very high level so that anyone can understand and when going into detail, explain concepts that others may not know. Make sure the business value is clear to the audience. We will record a selection of session to share with attendees and promote the conference.

Speaker Cancellations

If your submission is accepted, we will rely on your participation and will turn away qualified speakers in favor of including your session. We begin publicizing your session immediately upon confirmation in order to attract attendees to the event. If medical conditions preclude your attendance, you agree to make best efforts to notify us as early as possible; in such a case, while assistance finding a replacement speaker is requested and appreciated, we must screen any prospective replacement speaker, and retain the right to find a replacement speaker.